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re: TESG New Web Home on Enjin



We've Moved!
Introducing our new home:


The Elder Sages' Guild (TESG)


The Elder Sages Guild (TESG) has moved to a new web home on Enjin.
Please visit our new site:

The Elder Sages' Guild on Enjin

Due to the expiration of our Ultimate subscription plan for our Guild Launch domain TESG has moved to Enjin. You will find the same friendly group, so drop by and explore our new site.

Existing Members:
If you are an existing member on our GL Roster here, log in to your Enjin account or create a new, free account there. Since Enjin now maintains our Guild Roster (which is still Administered by the Master Sages), you will need to submit a new Membership Application. Don't worry -- the new app is short and easy, with a radio button to indicate you already joined TESG. Your application will be approved quickly, normally within 24 hours or less.

Our stay at Guild Launch was excellent. You've seen our growth and the revamp of our graphics and features. GL Support throughout has been outstanding, for which we give our thanks. Our move is not dissatisfaction with our GL Host.

An anonymous Angel provided our initial subscription plan for this Guild Launch site and later upgraded the subscription to the GL Ultimate Plan, as well as registered our Custom Domain name. That site subscription expiredl. We felt no one member should bear the responsibility for funding our web site, and decided to change to a group pay plan. This approach allows any member to voluntarily contribute to the support of our site and site features. Unfortunately, while GL has site group pay, there is no group pay for a TeamSpeak server, essential to TESG.

With our Enjin host, we have implemented group pay for our new site. We still feature a TeamSpeak server, now hosted on our custom domain. TS3 is available to all members, and is supported by group pay.

Custom Domain:  Our custom domain registry is valid for a total of five years, and is still reserved to TESG. Internet Domain Registrar rules prohibited the transfer of a URL registration for one year. Since then we have transferred the registry to our new host. You can still find us at our familiar URL

GL Site reverted to an ad-supported free site with subdomain While our GL subdomain is still active, the site is maintained as a historical archive and is rarely visited by TESG Admin. No further site updates: While this site remains, TESG no longer updates these forums.

Current content, forums and activities are on our new site.

Site members please see a forthcoming notice in the Sages' Council for procedures to archive any posts or graphics in the Gallery you may wish to keep.

Leave a post in Introductions with your comments on our new home!

The Welcome Mat is out! Hope to see you in our Enjin home. Visitors: You're welcome, too. Housewarming gifts not required.

TESG shield Have Fun!!


Post updated 29 Dec 2015, Auldjohn, Co-founder and Master Sage.


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